Finding Your Passion

Are you stuck in a rut? Do you feel like there’s more out there that you know you’re destined for, but you’re just not sure what it is? That’s how I felt before I found my passion (you know, the thing that sets your soul on fire, the thing you’re excited to wake up in the morning to do). I knew that I didn’t want to be a nurse after about 6 months in, but it was a secure job and paid the bills. I let myself settle for mediocrity. I am not saying that being a nurse is settling. For some people, it is their one life’s dream and purpose. It just wasn’t mine. So I stayed in the field for 8 years, hopping from job to job hoping that the next one would finally be “the one.” But it never was. Even when I got a job making $70k/year, it wasn’t enough to make me happy. I let myself sink into a depression that I thought I may not get out of. But instead of working away at something I hated, I chose to love myself more and jump out of the moving vehicle that was my career. I took a leap of faith and landed here. I have always wanted to write and blog, and I’m finally doing the damn thing. Sure, it sucks not having that money, but I decided that there were more important things (and I just so happen to have a husband who completely supports my dreams, whom I’m very thankful for). I may have to wait tables or take another job in the mean time to make ends meet, and that’s OK with me. I have found what sets my soul on fire. Here’s how I did it…

1. I read a lot of crappy books about finding your calling and took a lot of bogus quizzes and tests. I don’t really recommend doing this, but it was part of my process, so I’ll let you decide.

2. I took a serious self-inventory about what it is I really enjoy doing and what makes me happy.

3. I asked myself what I would regret not doing if I was laying on my death bed.

4. I asked what I loved to do as a kid. Seriously, you can get some great insights about yourself by looking back and reflecting.

5. I asked what I would do if money wasn’t an issue and I knew I could not fail. Now, here’s where you have to be careful. I may seriously fall flat on my face, and that’s OK with me. Failure is often part of the succeeding process, but for the sake of calming down your anxiety, ask yourself what you would do if you knew you could not fail and if you had a billion dollars just sitting in your bank account. What would you do?

6. I let my imagination run wild like I used to as a kid. I went crazy. I came up with the craziest thing I could think of, but it just so happened to be the answer.

7. Decide to make the change. Work out the logistics. As Marie Forleo said, “Everything is figuroutable.” Damn right it is. Don’t give up. Don’t worry what “they” are going to think. Just commit.

8. Only tell those you really trust what you’re plan is. Notice how I haven’t mentioned what my actual passion is? That’s because it’s really not your business. It’s mine and those closest to me. I’m blessed that they’re so supportive. But honestly, if they weren’t, fuck them. I’d find better people to be around.

9. Be willing to sacrifice. For me, it means sacrificing a secure income. It means letting go of my pride, putting myself out there, and possibly letting others watch me fall flat on my face. But I’m willing to go there if it means “following my bliss” and following my heart.

There you have it. A short but simple list of the process I went through to get myself out of a rut and find my passion. I have accepted the truth of what that passion is, now I just have to put in the work. I hope that you found this helpful or that it will at least cause you to look within and ask yourself some uncomfortable questions.

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